Published Books

By Katy Cheng and Bill Phillips


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Professor Cheng had said that if you stacked the books he wrote next to him, flat on the ground, the complete set would be taller than he was. Unfortunately much of his work has been lost. Still less has seen English.

Arts & Calligraphy:

a) Man-Ching’s Ink Painting
b) Man-Ching’s Impressionistic Painting
c) Man-Ching’s Calligraphy and Painting
d) Man Ran’s Three Statements in Art


a) The Essence of Gynecology 1961
b) The Eight Important Points of Cancer 1966
c) Orthopedic Medicine


a) Jade Well’s Thatched Cottage Poetry
b) A Collection of Poetical Works
c) Sincere Poems Society Publication

Martial Arts:

a) Tai Chi Form & Application ( Yang Cheng Fu and Cheng Man Ching circa 1935)
b) Cheng Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on Tai Chi (1950)
c) Tai Chi Ch’uan, ( in English)
d) Tai Chi Ch’uan Self Study Method
e) Tai Chi (in English)
f) Tai Chi and Sword Video, by Cheng Man Ching (Both in English & Chinese)*

Chinese Literature and Philosophy:

a) Commentary on Lao Tzu
b) Commentaries on the Chung Yung
c) Essays on Man and Nature
d) The Origin of Man’s Nature (1971)
e) Commentary on Confucious’s Analects.
f) The Complete I Ching

There were many other book and poems that were published in newsletters and magazines and have been lost, especially circa 1947